After several years working in commercial and narrative film production, WeCinema Films was launched with one goal: to do what we love, and apply it to weddings. Every wedding has a unique and individual story, let us capture yours.


Gone are the days of what we call "old-school" wedding videography where a camcorder would be set up on a tripod, record the wedding & reception, and the client would be given a DVD of hours and hours of unedited footage. Who wants to watch that? 

Cinema Quality Cameras

Our goal is to create a piece of work that is unique and imaginative. We use professional cinema quality cameras to create a beautiful image and give versatility to the film. We're able to change lenses on the fly, shoot more angles, and tell a better visual story.


Editing is where the magic happens. We take the raw footage and compose it into a well crafted storyline. We have two main options: THE FEATURETTE (15 - 25 min.) and THE HIGHLIGHT (4 - 7 min). The Featurette is a nostalgic film that you'll revisit every Valentine's day for who knows how long. The longer format allows for a more episodic approach to the storyline. The Highlight is a great piece to show friends who don't have time to watch the full featurette. It's a quick snapshot of all your best memories. 


Sound is a major component to film. Bad audio can ruin the experience. We use the latest recording technology to ensure the best sound quality. Basically, we want to hear you say "I DO!"


Whether you have one shooter or five, our cinematographers have backgrounds in narrative and commercial production, so they're wired to compose beautiful images. They smile a lot, enjoy their work, and love to make movies.